Toughening Up Feet Soles

If you run for long periods of time the soles of your feet might begin to hurt. Or if you’re like me then your soles might even hurt just from standing all day. It’s not uncommon for joggers, runners, or track athletes to suffer from pain in their soles. This article will focus on ways to toughen up the soles of your feet.

So to begin with learn how to run. The more you practice a good running form, then the more your speed and running distance improves. While you’re running form is improving the soles on your feet begin to toughen. As your improved running form progresses, your feet are able to work out more. Which builds calluses, don’t worry calluses are good. They act as a pad against friction that causes blisters.

Next there is tannic acid. Track athletes and distance runners claim adding 10% tannic acid and a sock twice daily helps to toughen up the soles on your feet. Take caution though, it may cause your soles to form cracks. So pay close attention. If you notice any cracks then use moisturizer. It prevents your calluses from drying out. I recommend using moisturizer after showering.

One last thing I can think of is try running or walking barefoot on asphalt. It seems to be a great way for toughening up your feet. Granted you don’t want to overdo it and risk getting blisters. So as with any exercise program take it slow and work your way up.


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